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Specialists Behind Your Smile

From smile makeovers & veneers to implants, our expertly executed treatments will leave you with dazzling teeth.

Full Mouth Restoration
Dr. Hermes Somonte Davila, DDS

Oral & maxillofacial surgeon in Los Algodones with 26+ years of experience.

Affiliated with the International Team of Implantology, Mexican Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, & Mexican Association of Oral Implantology.

Dental Implants, All on 4/6/8
Dr. Enrique Arturo Jiménez, DDS

Implant dentist in Los Algodones with over 37 years of experience.

Expertise in implant dentistry as well as laser dentistry. Certified by the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and the American dental brand Dentsply Sirona.

Cosmetic Dentistry
Dr. Karen Christy Caballero Montes, DDS

Prosthodontist in Los Algodones with over 13 years of experience.

Expertise in veneers, crowns, & bridges. Trained in aesthetic as well as restorative dentistry. Holds international certifications by Ivoclar Vivadent.

Algodones Dental Center

“At Los Algodones Center, we pledge to provide first-class quality dental treatment within your budget. Traveling south of the border, just 5 miles from Yuma, gives you a rewarding investment in your smile.”

Why Book With Us?

We have an ADA membership with “International Patient Services Certification” – favored by US & Canadian dental tourists. You can pocket some serious savings, ~ 70%.

High-End Technology

Our clinic features the finest technology to ensure 100% results. CAD/CAM, laser, digital imaging, ozone therapy, water filtration & room sterilization – we have it all for you!

Inside the Premises

A 30-dentist facility with in-house lab, internationally trained and English-speaking team adds feather to the cap -making us a part of the largest dental group in Mexico.

Personalized Care

You can choose the affordable “Platinum” center for special care. The lavish 3-chair boutique clinic with competent staff offers quality treatment.

Dental Treatments to Elevate Your Oral Heath

Check out the dental procedures we offer in Los Algodones, Mexico. With the treatments given below, you can achieve the confident smile that everyone dreams of! Click on the services on the curative list to learn more about them.

Dental Implants in Los Algodones

Dental implants are titanium posts surgically inserted into the jawbone to replace missing teeth. They provide a durable and natural-looking solution for improved oral function and aesthetics. Depending on your needs, you can get all on 4 dental implants, all on 6 dental implants, full mouth implants, or zygomatic implants.

Crowns & Bridges in Los Algodones

Dental crowns are protective caps placed over damaged teeth, restoring their shape and function. They are available in different materials, including PFM crowns, zirconia crowns, full porcelain, and ceramic crowns. Dental bridges are sets of connected crowns used to replace missing teeth, bridging gaps for a natural smile.

Veneers in Los Algodones

Dental veneers are thin, custom-made shells placed on the front surface of teeth to enhance their appearance. They address issues like discoloration, misalignment, or small gaps. Options include zirconia veneers and porcelain veneers, which have the unique ability to reflect light in a way that mimics natural teeth.

Smile Design in Los Algodones

Smile design, a form of cosmetic dentistry, involves a customized approach to enhance the overall appearance of a person’s smile. It combines procedures like veneers, teeth whitening, and orthodontics to achieve a harmonious and attractive dental aesthetic tailored to individual preferences and facial features.

Dentures in Los Algodones

Dentures are removable prosthetic devices used to replace missing teeth. They come in two main types: complete dentures, which replace all teeth in an arch, and partial dentures, designed to fill gaps when some natural teeth remain. Other options include snap-on dentures and implant-supported dentures.

Other Dental Procedures in Los Algodones

You can seek routine treatments like cleaning, root canal treatment, fillings, and extractions. You can opt for orthodontic treatment like braces or invisible aligners to fix crooked teeth. For habits like night grinding, you can get an occlusal mouth guard. Sedation dentistry is also available for patients with dental anxiety. X-rays are also performed for an accurate diagnosis.

Read the Blogs

Stay informed about the latest dental trends, technologies, and techniques by reading our blogs. Learn about various dental procedures, their benefits, and potential risks. Let us help you make informed decisions about your oral health.

Dr. Enrique Arturo Jiménez

Dr. Enrique Arturo Jiménez Board Certified ImplantologistDental Implants & All on 4/6/8 Experience 37 years Dr. Enrique Arturo Jiménez has over 37 years of expertise as a board-certified implant dentist. His extensive education includes a Diploma in Implantology, a Master’s…
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Dr. Hermes Somnte Davila

Dr. Hermes Somonte Davila Board CertifiedMaxillofacial, Oral Surgery & Dental Implants Experience 28 years Dr. Hermes Somonte Davila is a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon with over 15 years of expertise in the field. He specializes in a wide range…
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Our patients’ testimonials provide a firsthand experience of their treatment in Los Algodones. Real examples of satisfied patients with successful outcomes will instill trust and confidence in you.


Dental Tourism in Los Algodones: FAQs

The clinic receives over 2,500 clients every year, frequently from the US and Canada. With the best team of dentists on board, our ADA-associated clinic provides excellent care.

There has been a surge in demand from new clients referred by past patients. So, the dental facility has developed an in-house lab to cut down dependence on third parties for quality material. The use of advanced technology and the adoption of strict sterilization ensure excellent dental care.

Yes, we offer a 2 – 5 year warranty (with terms and conditions applied).

  • Replacement/reparation of full porcelain, zirconia, & acrylic restorations, fractured with routine usage within 2 years of placement at no extra cost.
  • Replacement/reparation of full gold or metal prosthesis broken with routine usage within 5 years of placement at no extra cost.
  • Replacement of amalgam fillings fractured within 4 years & resin fillings within 2 years of placement.
  • Repair/replacement in case of rejection of the dental implant by the body within 2 years of the surgery.
  • The amount paid for a root canal treatment will be utilized as a deposit for re-treatment in case it fails within 2 years.

*Note: Warranty does not cover damage to teeth & prosthetics resulting from a mishap, trauma, improper care, or poor oral habits.

We apply local anesthetics for most treatments. But we can also arrange for IV sedation for you at an extra price.

Algodones dental prices are affordable & do not compromise the quality of services provided. The clinic offers procedures, such as overdenturesall-on-6, and all-on-4 dental implants in Los Algodones, at 70% lower than the US/Canada prices.

Similarly, sinus Lift in Los Algodones begins from just $700, while in the US, the cost ranges between $1,500 – $2,500. Here’s the cost of some dental procedures in Los Agodones vs. the US:

ProcedureLos Algodones*USASavings
Standard Single Titanium Implant$790$2,48870%
Porcelain Veneers$450$80057%
All Porcelain Crown$395$1,43075%
Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal Crown$230$1,10084%
Removable Denture Supported with 2 Implants$3,270$3,50040%

*Prices may be changed without any prior notice. Get in touch with us for the latest price list.

The substantial cost difference in Mexico dental work can be attributed to:

  • The student debt of Mexican dentists is not as much as their American counterparts.
  • There is low insurance and low real estate, thus reducing the cost of building a clinic.

Watch this video in which a leading Algodones dentist explains why dental work is cheaper in Mexico

Yes, the clinic ensures that a bilingual person (English-Spanish) is always present during your treatment.

Due to a huge influx of dental tourists from the US & Canada, language won’t be a challenge here.

We accept cash (US dollars); credit/debit cards; personal, traveler’s, and cashier’s checks; and wire transfers.

The border town is quite safe. Unlike some of the notorious Mexican border cities, Algodones is insulated from drug cartel-type violence.

The US Dept. of State points out that the Mexican government has good systems in place for the protection of major tourist destinations. They advise exercising caution at night in the Mexican state of Baja California.

If driving to other Mexican cities, make sure you drive only in the daylight hours and never take deserted roads; use toll roads (locally known as ‘cuotas’). As an added measure, be aware of your surroundings and always stay mindful.

The town has a desert climate, and hence, most North Americans descend during winter (from December to March).

The dental clinics are chock-a-block during this time of the year. The average day temperature in January is 69 °F and goes up to 79 °F in March.

Summers are usually less crowded as the daytime can exceed 100 °F from June to September.

Here’s a list of essential documents you need to carry to Los Algodones, Mexico:

  • A valid passport is required to enter Mexico.
  • An entry permit or Forma Migratoria Multiple (FMM) for traveling beyond the border zone (25 km farther). This can be obtained from Mexican consulates, border crossing points, tourism offices, airports within the border zone, and most airlines serving Mexico.
  • Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) document such as your passport, passport card, a Trusted Traveler Program card, or an Enhanced Driver’s License to re-enter the US from Mexico

Note: A visa or tourist card is required for a stay of more than 180 days within the border zone.

The border town can be reached from Yuma, Arizona, by traveling west on Interstate 8 (I-8) to the Andrade exit.

Travel south on Route 186 (SR-186) for over 7 miles to reach the Andrade Port of Entry. The Andrade Port of Entry is open from 6:00 AM-10:00 PM (Pacific) seven days a week.

The US-Mexico border crossing in Andrade, California, is about 10.3 miles from Yuma. Most people park their cars on the US side of the parking lots and walk over to Los Algodones.

Once you cross the Andrade Port of Entry, walk straight about two blocks without taking any turns. You will find the clinic on the left at Alamo Street. The clinic is in a neighborhood deemed safe for pedestrians crossing into Mexico.

Yes, Mexican auto insurance is mandatory, even for rental vehicles. It can be easily purchased from both sides of the border.

The closest airport is the Yuma International Airport (IATA: YUM).

Yes, we provide free airport-hotel-clinic shuttle services (terms and conditions apply).

Our clients get special discounts at Hacienda Hotel and Cielito Lindo hotels in the town. Special tariffs begin from as low as $35 per night.

The molar capital of the world is home to a number of curio stores selling pottery, belts, souvenirs, and ironwork. You can also try pharmacies and optical stores offering massive discounts on prescription medication and glasses.

Check out the video here on shopping and bargaining for dental tourists. You can also sample some delicious Mexican cuisines like tacos, tortillas, and tortas before visiting the clinic. Here are some of the recommended eating joints.

There are plenty of lodging options for those who do not wish to stay on the Mexican side of the border. Check out these hotels in Yuma.

When entering or exiting Mexico, you need to announce any amount of money that is equivalent to or greater than $10,000. Not declaring this amount can lead to a penalty of between 20 – 40% of the excess amount.