Dentures in Los Algodones – Mexico

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Hermes Somonte Davila, DDS, MS

Don’t let dental issues drain your wallet.

Dentures In Los Algodones – Mexico, provides a practical and budget-friendly solution for all your dental needs.

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Fixed dentures

How Much Do Dentures Cost in Los Algodones, Mexico?

The cost of dentures in Los Algodones ranges between $190 and $490, depending on the procedure you opt for.

The full denture acrylic teeth are available at $320 per jaw, compared to $4,000 in the US.

That’s a potential saving of around 92%.

Similarly, the cost of a full denture composite and porcelain teeth is $450.

The same treatment will cost you $5,000 (composite teeth) to $4,000 (porcelain teeth ) in the US

So, you could save up to 91% on full dentures by visiting Los Algodones, Mexico.

Still worried about the prices?

Let’s check the table below.

Cost of Dentuers in Los Algodones Vs. US

TypeLos AlgodonesUSSavings
Partial Denture, Metal Frame$490$2,00076%
Partial Denture, Acrylic Frame$190$1,40071%
Partial Denture, Flexible Frame$490$1,70086%
Full Denture, Acrylic Teeth * $320$4,00092%
Full Denture, Composite Teeth *$450$5,00091%
Full Denture, Porcelain Teeth*$450$4,00089%
Snap-on Dentures(2 implants)$3,270$8,00059%
Snap-on Dentures(3 implants)$4,520$11,00064%

* Prices per jaw (upper or lower)

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Why Choose Los Algodones for Dentures?

Huge Cost Savings

Enjoy up to 92% savings on dentures compared to US prices.
Los Algodones offers affordable dental care without compromising on quality.
Prices are lower in Los Algodones as living costs in the US are 87% more than in Mexico.1

Convenient Location

Just a short drive from Yuma, AZ, Los Algodones is easily accessible.
The clinic is close to the US-Mexico border, making travel hassle-free.

Advanced Dental Technology:

Benefit from the latest dental technologies like CAD/CAM systems and 3D imaging.
These ensure precise and high-quality dental treatments.

Expert Bilingual Staff

Communicate easily with English-speaking dental professionals.
They provide comfortable and understandable consultations for all patients.

Top Safety Standards

Clinics adhere to American Dental Association standards and use renowned brands like Straumann & Nobel Biocare.

Efficient Dental Tourism

Combine your dental care with the beauty of Mexico.
Experience a unique blend of professional dental care and a relaxing getaway.

Procedures and Types of Dentures in Los Algodones

Dentures are removable devices that replace missing teeth, restoring oral function and aesthetics.2

They come in various types tailored to individual needs.

Let’s learn about denture procedures and types in Los Algodones.

Full Dentures

Replace all teeth, available in various materials.3


  • Acrylic Dentures: Economical, lightweight, and easily adjustable.
  • Composite Dentures: Offer a more natural appearance, stronger than acrylic.
  • Porcelain Dentures: Mimic natural teeth look and feel, highly durable.


  • Restores full dental function and aesthetics.
  • Customizable to match natural teeth appearance.
  • Durable and comfortable for everyday use.

Partial Dentures (Acrylic, Metal, and Flexible Frame)

Partial dentures are designed to fill gaps from partial tooth loss.4


  • Acrylic Partial Dentures: Cost-effective, easy to modify.
  • Metal Frame Dentures: Provide strength and stability, long-lasting.
  • Flexible Frame Dentures: Offer comfort and aesthetic appeal, less visible.


  • Ideal for partial tooth loss, preserving remaining teeth structure.
  • Metal and flexible frames offer a snug fit and durability.
  • Enhances chewing ability and speech clarity.

Snap-On Dentures (2, 3, and 4 Implants)

Snap-on dentures offer improved stability through implant support.6


  • 2-Implant Supported: Basic stability, suitable for the lower jaw.
  • 3-Implant Supported: Enhanced support and better force distribution.
  • 4-Implant Supported: Optimal stability, closely mimicking natural teeth function.


  • Provides a secure fit surpassing traditional dentures.
  • Preserves jawbone and facial structure.
  • Enhances speech and eating, improving overall quality of life.
Snap In Denture Benefits

Steps of Getting Dentures

Following are the steps for getting dentures.6

  1. Check and Remove Teeth: First, a dentist checks your teeth. Some might be taken out for dentures.
  2. Healing Time: After teeth removal, your gums need time to heal.
  3. Mouth Impression: A mold of your mouth is made for the dentures.
  4. Detailed Impressions: This mold captures all mouth details for a good fit.
  5. First Dentures: You get temporary dentures while waiting for the final ones.
  6. Fit Check: These are adjusted to fit well.

You can contact the clinic in case you have soreness, as your dentures may need some minor adjustments.

Is Los Algodones Safe for Dentures?

Our expert dentists in Los Algodones, with over 5 years of experience, ensure your satisfaction by creating comfortable and natural-looking dentures.

Moreover, our clinics are accredited by the ADA and BBB and recognized by the Medical Tourism Association and Mexican Council.

Additionally, we use digital X-rays, intraoral scanning and laser dentistry for efficient denture procedures.

Furthermore, we uphold strict hygiene practices, adhering to international standards for sterilization and safety.

Our skilled dentists create functional and beautiful dentures that radiate confidence and satisfaction.

Therefore, Los Algodones offers expertise, accreditation, technology, and commitment for a safe and satisfying denture experience.

Dentists in Los Algodones, Mexico for Dentures

Getting affordable dentures in Los Algodones is easy.

You should make sure dentists are experienced and trustworthy.

Here are the top dentists in Los Algodones for safe and effective dentures.


Dr. Jorge Alan Gutierrez Ordaz, DDS


5 years of experience


Dental Prostheses and Implants.


Graduated from the Autonomous University of Baja California.

  • Certified in Advanced Dental Prostheses and Implants, ROSS Institute, 2019.
  • Attended Prostheses Perio-Implant Congress, ROSS Institute, 2018.
  • Participated in Prostheses and Implants Congress, ROSS Institute, 2017.

Dr. Karen Christy Caballero Montes, DDS


13 years of experience


Aesthetic and restorative dentistry


  • Doctor of Dental Surgery, University of Sinaloa.
  • Expertise in aesthetic dental restorations and tissue manipulation.
  • Participated in numerous international seminars and congresses, including the Ivoclar Vivadent and International Symposium on Ceramics.

Myths vs Facts About Dentures

Successful dentures require not only careful crafting but also a number of stages to fabricate natural-looking teeth.

A quality set of dentures can transform how you look and eat.

Here are a few MYTHS and FACTS about dentures:

All dentures are the same and are made from a standard mold.Dentures are custom-made by taking impressions of the jaw and mouth.
We create custom dentures that match your natural tooth enamel in size, shape, and color.
Dentures last forever and do not require oral hygiene.They are softer than natural teeth, and not looking after them can affect how they fit and look.
One must follow a suitable denture care routine to minimize plaque build-up.
Dentures will change your facial esthetics and the way you eat or speak.Dentures do not change the shape of your face; instead, correctly fitted dentures enhance your chewing ability.
With time, you will get used to wearing dentures, and your speech will improve slowly.
Our prosthodontist can fix issues you have with the shape of your dentures.
They are painful.Only ill-fitted or loose dentures are painful.
Wearing them during the night is OK.Our prosthodontist can fix issues you have with the shape of your dentures.
Take out dentures at night to allow gum tissues to relax.
According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, wearing dentures while sleeping increases oral inflammation and bacteria..

How Do I Clean My Dentures?

Daily home care cleaning is very important as it prevents plaque build-up.

Scheduling regular dental check-ups to help ensure a proper fit and prevent discomfort.

For good denture care, keep the following points in mind.7

  • To clean your dentures, rinse them under running water or soak them in water.
  • Handle dentures with care. Make sure you don’t damage the clasps while cleaning.
  • Use a non-abrasive cleaner to get rid of food particles and other deposits.
  • Keep them soaked in water to retain their shape.
  • Rinse and clean your mouth after you remove dentures.

What Not to Do?

  • Do not use a hard-bristled brush to clean dentures.
  • Steer clear of hot water, as it can warp your dentures.
  • Avoid bleaching products, as they can change the denture color.
  • Avoid harsh toothpastes that can damage dentures. Choose gentler options.

After Care

Getting used to dentures may take several weeks. Here are a few tips to chew and eat with them.8

  • Begin with scrambled eggs, puddings, and apple sauce.
  • Do not hold liquids in your mouth for a long time, as it may loosen dentures.
  • With dentures, food may initially taste different, but taste and bite will improve over time.
  • Gradually shift to solid foods and eat chopped fruits and veggies.
  • Avoid hard and sticky food.
  • Be cautious while eating red meat, nuts, and coconut.
  • Do not use front teeth for biting and chewing.
  • Chew on both sides of the mouth at the same time.

How to reach Los algodones?

Traveling to Los Algodones is easiest by land.

Options include taking a bus, driving, or simply walking across the border near Yuma.

You can cross at Yuma-Algodones via Andrade Port, open 6 AM-10 PM(California time).9

For those driving, there are two choices:

  1. Park your car at the border for a small fee.
  2. Drive it into Los Algodones.

Planning to drive more than 12 miles into Mexico?

You’ll need a temporary vehicle import permit and an entry permit.

However, top dental clinics in Los Algodones are within a mile of the border, so most visitors don’t need to travel far.

Documents Required

  • Keep your passport valid throughout your stay in Mexico.10
  • Fill out the FMM form online or when you arrive for entry and exit.11
  • Get a temporary import permit if you’re bringing a vehicle.12
  • US and Canadian visitors don’t need a visa for stays under 180 days.13


Los Algodones is a safe place to get dentures. Partner clinics prioritize safety, with certified dentists who have 5+ years of experience. They follow international safety and sterilization standards Advanced technologies are used to enhance the safety of dental procedures.

Is Mexico a good place to get dentures? Getting fixed dentures in Mexico is definitely worth it! You can save up to 92% in Mexico. The dental clinics employ cutting-edge technology and utilize world-renowned brands such as Nobel Biocare and Straumann. Moreover, English-speaking dentists are also available. You can receive dental care from certified dental experts and also enjoy a wonderful vacation.


Choosing dentures in Los Algodones offers quality care at lower costs.

Exceptional service through expertise, technology, and adherence to standards.

This is a great dental tourism spot near the Yuma-Algodones border with great savings.

Los Algodones commitment to satisfaction and safety makes it a reliable choice for dentures.


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