Affordable Zirconia Crowns near Yuma, AZ

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Looking for a pocket-friendly way to restore your smile? Consider affordable zirconia crowns near Yuma, Arizona

They tackle your dental health issues, preserving damaged teeth’ lost shape, strength, and size.

All while saving whopping 76%!

Read this article to know more about the cost and benefits of getting them.

Before and After Getting Affordable Zirconia Crowns Near Yuma, Arizona
Before and After Getting Affordable Zirconia Crowns Near Yuma, Arizona

Cracked, chipped, worn off, or decaying teeth can be covered by dental crowns

These fit over the remains of the affected teeth and restore their aesthetics and strength.

Crowns made of zirconia – an all-ceramic material – are known for their biocompatibility and strength.1

However, their cost can be quite high in the US or Canada. 

Thanks to the affordable zirconia crowns near Yuma, Arizona. You could get them in Mexico, just a few miles from the border.

Curious to know the cost of zirconia crowns near Yuma, Arizona? 

The following section will be handy for you.

Zirconia Crowns Near Yuma, Arizona, Cost

Dental treatment near Yuma, Arizona, costs are far more affordable than in the US. 

A single zirconia crown near Yuma, Arizona, costs you $480. However, the same will cost you around $2,000 in the US.

So, choosing these affordable zirconia crowns near Yuma, AZ will save you 76% on treatment. 

Zirconia Crown Cost Comparison Between the US and Mexico

Zirconia Crown$480$2,00076% 
# Prices are case-dependent and are subject to change

It’s time to shine with the radiant smile you always dreamt of! 

Don’t hesitate. Reach out to us and let us assist you on your smile transformation journey. 

Note that you can pay the dental bills near Yuma, Arizona using any of the following methods:

  • Cash (USD)
  • Credit/debit cards
  • Financing (SuperMoney)
  • Cheques (Traveller, personal and cashiers cheques)

Experience the magic of a radiant smile with affordable zirconia crowns near Yuma, Arizona.

You can expect the best of both worlds. Top-quality crowns at reasonable prices and exceptional care!

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out for yourself by looking at the testimonials below.

Affordable Zirconia Crowns Near Yuma, Arizona: Reviews

Read Gary’s experience in gaining back her confident smile near Yuma, Arizona.

“I had 2 implants, one root canal, and several crowns. All were professionally done, with no issues, plus guaranteed work. I truly recommend this place. It is the most modern and up-to-date dentist’s office I’ve seen. I had no problem crossing the border or with language.”

-Gary Weatherlow

Look at Frank Dolinar’s amazing smile transformation with affordable zirconia crowns near Yuma, Arizona.

Affordable Zirconia Crowns Near Yuma, Arizona: before and after
Frank’s Smile Transformation With Affordable Zirconia Crowns Near Yuma, Arizona

The beautiful smile transformation speaks volumes. These affordable zirconia crowns near Yuma, Arizona, do not come at the expense of quality. 

Interested in knowing the reason for low costs?

Affordable Zirconia Crowns Near Yuma, AZ: Uncovering the Reasons for Low Cost

The cost table shows that the average price of zirconia crowns in the US is 76% higher than at the Mexican border.
This massive price difference stems from the following:

Lower Living Cost and Labor Costs in Mexico

The living and labor costs are lower in Mexico when compared to the US.

The cost of setting up a dental clinic and its maintenance in the US can run into thousands of dollars.

However, the same costs far less in Mexico, which adds no burden on the dental costs.

Affordable Dental Schools

In Mexico, dentist’s education is subsidized by the government.

The students don’t graduate with high dental education debt as their American counterparts.

No Malpractice Insurance

The cost of dental procedures is less in Mexico because the Mexican dentists don’t need to have malpractice insurance.

Source: Expatistan2, Hazlitt3

Concerned about the safety of affordable zirconia crowns near Yuma, Arizona?

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Is It Safe To Choose Zirconia Crowns Near Yuma, Arizona?

Opting for Zirconia crowns is safe when you choose the right provider near Yuma, Arizona. All you need to do is to research well to make a wise decision! 

Here in Mexico, you get treated at the ADA-approved clinic

The dentists here are qualified with around 37 years of experience

They use the latest intraoral scanners and digital and panoramic X-rays to diagnose dental problems.

Further, they utilize CAD/CAM technology for fabricating your affordable zirconia crowns near Yuma, Arizona.

The clinic employs cleanliness standards laid by the CDC for effective infection control. 

If you are worried about the safety of Los Algodones, note that the border town is a safe travel destination.4

Moreover, roughly 2,000 Americans cross the border daily into this tiny town seeking dental care.5

Before moving further, let’s learn everything about zirconia crowns.

Everything About Zirconia Crowns Near Yuma, Arizona

Dental crowns are tooth-colored caps used for cosmetic reasons. Typically, they can cover large dental fillings and dental implants.

Besides, they also protect your damaged teeth from further fracture.6, 7

Zirconia crowns are made from zirconium dioxide. It is a ceramic material known for its durability.8

These are also known as metal-free crowns

They allow you to have your worn-off, decaying, and missing teeth replaced effectively.

Zirconia Crowns
Zirconia Crowns

Who Needs Zirconia Crowns?

You are a candidate for Zirconia crowns if you are looking for dental treatment that can: 

  • Replace a misshapen tooth
  • Correct the misaligned tooth
  • Cover a weak tooth and prevent further breakage
  • Secure a bridge to fill the gap created by missing teeth

In addition, zirconia crowns are also a top pick for those who underwent pulp therapy

However, certain conditions may disqualify you as a candidate for zirconia crowns. 

You are not suitable to get zirconia crowns if you:

  • Are prone to teeth-grinding
  • Are suffering from gingival inflammation and receding gums

Source: Research Gate9, Medline Plus10

Interested to learn about the procedure upon learning that you are eligible? 

The following section will provide all the information you need. Keep reading further.

Procedure for Getting Zirconia Crowns

Typically, your zirconia crown procedure will involve the following steps:11

  • During consultation, the dentist will check your oral cavity and the extent of teeth damage.
  • Further, they will take an oral X-ray.
  • The dentist will remove an outer layer of your teeth under local anesthesia.
  • They will collect your teeth impressions and send them for crown fabrication.
  • You will get temporary crowns until the permanent crowns are prepared.
  • Once the permanent crowns are ready, your dentist will fix them using dental cement.
Affordable zirconia crowns procedure
Affordable Zirconia Crowns Near Yuma, Arizona Procedure

In general, zirconia crowns last for 5-15 years. However, you will have to treat them with proper care.12

How To Care for Zirconia Crowns?

The longevity of zirconia crowns depends on how well you care for them.

Here are a few tips that you can follow:

  • Maintain proper oral hygiene.
  • Do not grind your teeth at night. 
  • Never open packets with your teeth.
  • Avoid chewing or biting items like ice and fingernails.
Source: WebMD13

Advantages of Zirconia Crowns

The material zirconia crowns are made of adds some clear advantages over other types of crowns:

Here are some of the benefits that zirconia crowns offer:14

  • Exceptionally strengthy and can bear with day-to-day wearing away
  • Excellent aesthetic results as these closely match with natural teeth
  • Highly biocompatible material. Hence, there is no likelihood of allergic reactions

Experience the joy of smiling confidently. Connect with us and begin your first steps towards a healthy and happy smile.

Other dental procedures also cost much less than in North America. Here are some treatments you can expect at reasonable prices at the clinic:

Did you know?

Globally, 2 billion adults suffer from dental caries in their permanent teeth.15

More than 1 in 4 % of adults have untreated tooth decay.16

Curious to know about getting affordable zirconia crowns near Yuma, Arizona?

Keep scrolling to learn more about the place.

Algodones – A Dental Tourism Hub Near Yuma, AZ

Los Algodones is a tiny border town in Mexico less than 10 miles from Yuma

The border town has gained a reputation of being called the Molar city

Sky-high dental costs and lack of health insurance push Americans to cross-country dental care in Mexico. 

Thousands of Americans cross the border for dental treatment in Los Algodones, Mexico.17 

It has established itself as a prime medical tourism destination in the world. 

Moreover, it is home to hundreds of clinics offering dental care for just a fraction of the US prices.18

Interested in knowing about the best clinic for getting zirconia crowns near Yuma, Arizona? We have you covered.

Top Clinic for Affordable Zirconia Crowns Near Yuma, Arizona 

Your zirconium oxide dental crown work will be done at a reputable ADA-approved clinic

You will get treated by a highly experienced team of dental specialists. 

Get a sneak peek to learn more about the clinic:

  • Top-of-the-line clinic with state-of-the-art equipment
  • The clinic employs bilingual staff to ensure you have a language barrier-free experience
  • There is an on-site lab to fabricate crowns. Having an in-house lab ensures your treatment will be completed in the quickest possible time.

Latest in-office diagnostic equipment:

  • CBCT
  • Intraoral scanners
  • CAD/CAM Machine
  • Advanced microscopes
  • Digital and panoramic X-rays

Cleanliness and hygiene:

  • Infection control standards as per the CDC
  • Extra attention to hygiene – the clinic has special air and water filtration systems

Other amenities:

  • Parking facility
  • Comfortable waiting area with TV, Wi-Fi, and international phone call facility

Interested in knowing about reaching the clinic? Here is all you need to know!

Getting There

You can reach here by driving on Interstate 8 and crossing the US- Mexican border at Andrade, California

The Andrade Entry port is open from 6 A.M. to 10 P.M.

Walk a few blocks after crossing into Los Algodones from the Andrade Port of Entry.

We want you to have a memorable experience in this border town where you can regain your smile and confidence.

Now let’s understand what can enhance the comfort of your journey.

Enjoy a Comfortable Trip

Getting affordable zirconia crowns near Yuma, Arizona, would be a breeze. 

You will enjoy a smooth, hassle-free dental trip to the Mexican border town by availing the following benefits:

  • FREE ground transportation 
  • Assistance in sightseeing and shopping, if required
  • Discounted stay at either Hacienda in Algodones or a hotel in Yuma, Arizona

And a lot more!

Guaranteed Dental Work

You will get a two-year warranty on your zirconium crowns!

This means your crowns will be repaired or replaced if they fracture within 2 years from the day of placement. (T&C apply).

Free Parking

Many travelers park their cars on the U.S. side in one of the parking lots and walk across to Algodones. Alternatively, you can park your car FREE of charge at the clinic’s dedicated parking lot

It is just two blocks away from the border at Alamo Street

Remember that Mexican auto insurance is mandatory for those entering the country in their car.19 

In addition, you need to know about some mandatory requirements to enter Mexico.

Visa and Passport

You will need the following documents to enter Mexico:20

  • Valid passport book 
  • Digital FMM 
  • Drivers license
  • Vehicle import permit

The best part about getting crowns near Yuma, Arizona, is that you get treated by skilled and qualified dentists.

Let’s learn about them in detail.

Top Doctors for Affordable Zirconia Crowns Near Yuma, Arizona

Here are the top dentists for getting zirconia crowns in Los Algodones. 

Dr. Enrique Arturo Jiminez Alvarez

He has 37 years of experience in delivering happy and confident smiles to satisfied patients. 


Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Guadalajara

  • Implantology Diploma
  • Masters in Laser Dentistry
  • Masters in Implant Dentistry
Dr. Enrique Arturo Jiminez Alvarez
Dr. Jorge Alan Gutierrez Ordas

Dr. Jorge Alan Gutierrez Ordas

He has 5 years of experience in dealing with dental crowns, bridges, and dentures.


Universidad Autónoma de Baja California

  • Stratified Resins Course
  • Dental Bonding and Luting Course
  • Specialist in Dental Prostheses and Implants: Occlusal Reconstruction Institute
  • Certified in Advanced in Dental Prostheses and Implants: Occlusal Reconstruction


Opt for the affordable zirconia crowns near Yuma, Arizona, for a long-lasting solution to your dental concerns.

Experience top-notch dental care at the leading clinic located near the US-Mexican border.

You will enjoy the perfect blend of advantages: Quality treatment and massive savings!

Don’t hesitate when your dream smile is just a click away. 

Connect with us and let us help you achieve the smile you always wished for.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get zirconia crowns near Yuma, Arizona?

Getting affordable zirconia crowns near Yuma, Arizona, can take two dental visits comprising 4-5 days

How much does a full set of zirconia crowns cost near Yuma, Arizona?

The cost for full set of zirconia crowns near Yuma, Arizona, depends on the number of crowns required.

A single zirconia crown near Yuma, Arizona will be priced at $480. Consequently, getting a full set of 10 zirconia crowns can cost you around $4,800.


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