Why Dental Work in Mexico is Cheaper Explained by Algodones Dental Specialist

Ever wondered what makes dental treatment in Mexico cheaper than in the United States and Canada? Is the cost savings a trade-off of quality? Watch this dental specialist in Los Algodones talk about the reasons behind the lower cost of dental work south of the border.

Video Transcription:

The doctors in the US have to pay for a lot of things when they get out of the school. They have to go into great debt. They have to pay the tuition. In Mexico the government pays the tuition. They catch you only when you get out…when you graduate. In government, the people come in and say, Congratulations! You have done it. Well, you have to work with us for a year for free. So after that year, you are free. You don’t owe anything to them.

And also another thing is that real estate is very low in Mexico. So the expenses of the clinic and the building is not a problem. So no tuition, no real estate, insurances are low in Mexico because there is practically no malpractice. So the insurance is really low compared with the one they have in the States. That’s another down part in there. So that gives you the possibility to manage very good prices but with the same quality that they manage in the US. And naturally, the materials they come from the US.

It is easier for us right at the border to get the materials here from the US rather than from Mexico city to all the way back here. It is actually more expensive for us. That’s why we can say our prices are down. In implants for example, when patients come here we need the information of the implants – that would be the diameter, the measurement, the trademark and the type of implant they will have. And with that we order the abutment that is going to hold the prosthesis in place. It may take one or two weeks to come here but if we have it beforehand when the patient gets here, we have everything ready.

Dental work in Los Algodones, Mexico can help you save further given its proximity to the United States. Just about seven miles from Yuma, Arizona, Algodones has established itself as the dental tourism capital of the world.

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