Los Algodones Border Crossing

Ever had those border-crossing jitters? Los Algodones border crossing is your worry-free zone!

It’s not just for dental fixes, and it’s the spot for affordable shopping and Mexican vibes. 

And guess what? The border crossing here is free from hassle. 

Keep reading to ensure your journey is as smooth as possible!

Los Algodones Border Process in Simple Steps

You can walk or drive across the Yuma border when you go to Los Algodones.

The process is easy and organized, so visitors don’t face any problems.

US to Mexico by Car:

  • Drive South on Highway 186:
    Follow it directly to the border, paralleling a canal on the left and parking areas on the right just before the border lanes.
  • Pass Through Andrade:
    Before reaching the border lanes, you’ll pass the small community of Andrade.
  • Navigate the Border Lanes:
    Follow the stop sign system upon reaching the border lanes. The Aduana is directly on your right after crossing.
  • Forma Migratoria Múltiple (FMM) Visa:
    Obtain your FMM Visa at the Aduana office.
  • Follow Personnel Instructions:
    Pay attention to border personnel instructions. Pull over if instructed for inspections, usually involving a few quick questions.
  • Clearing the Border:
    Once cleared, you’re immediately in town and ready to explore.

US to Mexico By Bus

  • To reach the Andrade Port of Entry from the Arizonian town, utilize the Blue Route 5 public transport service.
  • The designated bus stop near Los Algodones is located at Sr 186, in the vicinity of the Andrade Port of Entry.
  • Catch Bus Route 5, also known as the Quechan Shuttle, for your convenient transportation needs.
  • The Quechan Shuttle operates from 7:58 a.m. to 5:58 p.m., ensuring a reliable schedule for your journey.

US to Mexico On Foot

  • To simplify the process, it’s recommended to park on the US side and walk over to avoid any car re-entry issues.
  • Crossing the border is usually swift, typically taking 10-30 minutes, but it might extend during busy periods.
  • You can check the updated wait times here.

Let’s now glance at how you can return to the US

On the way back, follow the same route and stay on the right side of the cones and dividers to re-enter the USA.

Mexico to the US By Car:

Now, flipping the script for when you’re heading back from Mexico to the US:

  • Get your documents in order:
    If you’re a foreigner, have that US tourist visa and your passport ready. Residents, just bring your passport.
  • Bid farewell to your FMM:
    Many people bypass turning in the FMM, opting just to drive back across. For regular exit and re-entry, it’s common to use the same FMM until it expires.
  • Roll up to the border:
    Get in line and have your documents checked on re-entry. Sometimes, your vehicle might take a pitstop for inspection before officially rolling back into the US.

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US Los Algodones, Mexico Border Crossing

Still, have doubts? Reach out to us for clarity and assurance. We’re here to help!

Los Algodones Border Crossing time

The Los Algodones Mexico Border Crossing is open from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM California Time.3

Waiting times to return to the US at the Customs and Border Protection may vary. Visit the border early in the day.

On weekends, keep in mind potential waits of an hour or more. Enjoy your journey!

Let’s ensure your documents are on point, easy, and stress-free!

Essential Documents for Los Algodones Border Crossing

Driving into Mexico with a US registered car?

  • US citizens need a valid US passport book or card and an entry permit (Forma Migratoria Multiple or FMM) from Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM) when entering Mexico.
  • Enter Mexico with a valid car registration, even at the border. An expired U.S. registration may lead to confiscation by Mexican authorities.
  • Canadians & other nationalities require a valid passport to enter & exit Mexico.
  • Visa is not required for stays less than 180 days.

Source: Travel.state.gov4

You will also need Mexican car insurance

Keep everything up-to-date for a smooth trip!

Check the latest guidelines here before you plan your trip.

If you’re walking or driving, you’ll find border-side parking available.

Now, let’s explore parking details further.

Los Algodones Border Parking Options

Explore Los Algodones hassle-free with convenient parking options offered at the border.

Here are some choices for your convenience.

Border Parking options
Parking OptionUS/MexicoContact
Quechan Parking LotUS(760) 572-2959

How Much Is Parking at Los Algodones Border Crossing?

At Andrade, visitors can either park their vehicles for a nominal fee and walk or drive across the border.

Note: Car parking on the US side is $6 a day, with an additional charge of around $10 for overnight parking.5

Let’s find out where to stay and grab a bite just across the border.

Staying & Dining Across the Border

Tour Around Los Algodones

Best Hotels in Los Algodones

You can find budget-friendly and secure hotels in the vicinity for a comfortable stay.

Here are the suggestions: 

Hotels in Los Algodones

Hacienda Los Algodones 
376 reviews
1 mile from the borderline

Hilton Garden Inn Yuma 
125 reviews
0.2 miles from the borderline

California Comfort & Suites
512 reviews
0.3 miles from the borderline

Los Algodones is famous for eating, drinking, and shopping, all while receiving top-notch dental work.

Famous Restaurants in Los Algodones

Make sure to indulge in the local culinary delights!

For all you food enthusiasts out there, give your taste buds a delightful experience with the flavors of Mexican cuisine.

Don’t miss out on iconic dishes like Tamales, Torittos, Tacos, Tostadas, Enchiladas, and Chilaquiles – they’re a must-try!

Restaurants in Los Algodones
Local eatsLutes Casino
743 reviews
Los Molcas
58 reviews
Budget-friendly bitesPueblo Viejo
80 reviews
La Parrilla
42 reviews
Cheap eatsLupitas
28 reviews
10 reviews
DinnerYuma Landing
70 reviews
El patio
8 reviews

Is It Safe to Go to Algodones Mexico Right Now?

Los Algodones is a pretty easygoing spot.

The crime rates here are lower than the national and state averages, floating around 2 per 1,000 people.

When you break it down, violent crime is basically zero at 0 per 1,000, and property crime is just 1 per 1,000.

That’s even below the national average!

So, when you’re driving through Los Algodones, it’s like stepping into a friendly and safe zone.

The locals are all about making sure you’re comfy and secure.

The town prioritizes visitors’ comfort, ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience

Source: Citytistics6

Safety Tips for Mexican Border Towns

Ready for some stress-free exploration?

Check out these handy safety tips – your ticket to worry-free adventures!

  • Carry minimal cash for a hassle-free journey.
  • Secure your belongings to avoid any inconveniences.
  • Stick to tourist areas to explore known and safe spots.
  • Travel and shop with a group for added fun and safety.
  • Opt for bottled water to stay refreshed under the desert sun.
  • Adhere to local laws and remain aware of your surroundings.
  • Keep a vigilant eye on minor thefts, especially in crowded places.

Make your trip smoother by picking up on these Spanish basics

  • Hola: Hello
  • Gracias: Thank you.
  • Buenas noches: Good night
  • Cómo está?: How are you? ( formal)
  • Por favor: Please.
  • Buenos días: Good morning.
  • Buenas tardes: Good afternoon.
  • Cómo estás?: How are you? ( informal)

Scroll down below to get the answers to frequently asked questions about Los Algodones border crossing.


No, Spanish is not required when crossing into Los Algodones. English is widely spoken.

While RVs are allowed at this border crossing, narrow roads leading to Highway 5 can pose challenges.

The Mexicali Crossing or San Luis, just south of Yuma, Arizona, may offer more suitable routes for RV travelers.

Los Algodones, situated in Baja California’s Mexicali, is situated south of Andrade, California, and lies about five miles west of downtown Yuma, Arizona.

It shares borders with the United States to the north and east.


Los Algodones border crossing offers seamless entry into Mexico for Californian and Arizonan travelers.

With its famed dental care, lively shopping, and genuine Mexican ambiance, the crossing process is straightforward.

Contact us to explore the safe and welcoming town for an enjoyable experience.


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