Michelle From Utah Reviews Full Mouth Restoration With Crowns in Algodones

Michelle McNew from Salt Lake City, Utah reviews getting full mouth restoration with dental crowns in Los Algodones, Mexico.


Video Transcription

Why did You Choose Us?

“I am Michelle Mcnew, Salt Lake City, Utah. I remember this place and I start to look around the Internet and I found your group and I came down and interviewed primarily I had three places I was going to and I came here and I’ve just been very pleased.”

Treatment You Received

“I had 28 crowns put in, no kidding and it went cool.He was meticulous…absolutely a perfectionist and meticulous, amazing.”

Your Experience

“Very much, very much, very happy, very satisfied. I am now going to be a long time patient; I am coming back for cleanings and everything else.”

Your Experience in Los Algodones

“Great, I was happy that I stayed here at the Hacienda. It was quiet, it was calm, the food was great…it was…the soups were great. I just…I walked around and felt very, very comfortable here. Everybody was very nice, very helpful. It was wonderful.”

Algodones Dental Center is a modern facility with an on-site lab fabricating dental crowns and other prostheses in a short span of time. Nearly 80% of our clients are from the United States and Canada. Here is a review of dental work in Los Algodones by one such client — Jeff — who traveled all the way from Phoenix, Arizona on a friend’s recommendation.

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