Jeff’s From Arizona Reviews Dental Crowns in Los Algodones, Mexico

Watch Jeff from Phoenix, Arizona review getting dental crowns in Algodones. This was Jeff’s second experience having affordable dental work in the Mexican border town.

Jeff’s Dental Review

On why he chose Algodones Dental Center

“My name is Jeff Slayback, I am from Phoenix Arizona. I’m in the automotive business and I came down to Algodones because of my neighbor who had some work done here and who came back to Phoenix and raved about it. So I needed to get some crowns done. I had the estimate done back in Phoenix and I thought before I pulled the trigger to have that work done I’ll have them take look at it. Needless to say the price and for the work that they were going to do was exceptional so I opted to stay down here. That was my first experience.

“Just recently I am down here once again because I had an emergency tooth and when I needed a root canal I had to come down on a Saturday and they got me in, they got me fixed, gave me the medications I needed for the infection and they are doing another crown. From there on I am going to be back in February because I going to have two implants.

On prompt dental attention

“What I like is that they do everything right there so you know back in the US you are going to the dentist, the dentist has to send it to the laboratory, the laboratory has to takes several days, has to come back. At Sani Dental, you go in today, they have it ready tomorrow, you put it in you … you are back on the road, and that’s why I’m here, that’s the truth.

On the results

“And I got a good smile now, if you were to see my smile before you wouldn’t have liked it; I was scary, I looked like Halloween. Now I feel confident, the work that they have done has actually built my confidence and I am in outside sales so I talk to people all day long in the automotive business and my bottom teeth were very bad. But I had never thought I could afford to get the teeth that I have now and Sani Dental did it and it stayed in my budget.

On the dental treatment options

“Here’s the other thing is at Sani, you have… they give you options, depends on your budget; they will give you better teeth no matter what. You know, what you can afford, they will tell you what is the best way to go and to me that’s a big thing.

“I think they take a personal interest in what you want to do, what you want to accomplish; what kind of time frame you have, they will try to fit your time frame. Sometimes because I am still working my time frame is very short so they work around that for me. Sometimes I have two appointments in a day; one in the morning one in the afternoon because they have to make a part but they can make it that fast. To me that’s a big thing.

On the massive savings

“Oh thousands, thousands of dollars yeah! Yeah that is thousands of dollars. My neighbor in Phoenix is also a Canadian so he is in Phoenix for six months a year. For the work that they did here, in Canada it would have cost him over 20,000 dollars. The work that he had done here, I am not going to say it’s the same work; it’s probably better work, definitely more work and it was like half the price and he is very pleased and that was over a year ago and he has had no problems whatsoever. And it was because of him that I started coming down here.

On the dental doctors

‘I just think they are good and I have had three different doctors that I have used at Sani Dental and they have all been great. They are very professional, they give you their opinions, they show you the x–rays, they explain to you what they are going to do and why they are going to do it, or they will explain to you options you have.

“And I don’t get that kind of service in the States to be honest with you, and I have had some what I thought were good dentists in the United States  but I am very pleased with it. I will continue to come back, for me it’s a short drive, 3 hours; I’m in and out. In the hotel, the service, the staff has been great here so that makes it easier for me. I don’t have to worry about crossing the border every day; I just come, stay here, they take care of everything, the dentist is right down the street.

“It’s been nothing but a great experience for me. Two doctors that I have worked with primarily, that’s Dr. Harry and now it’s Dr. … and Dr. … is doing my crown after my root canal, and just got married, congratulations Doc.

“But he has been a great guy and when I get ready to do my two implants after I wait for my bone to heal, I will be back in February to finish off my other two implants.

On the best time to visit Algodones

“You know I have been her in the high time and the winter time, it is prime season so it is very busy and you do need an appointment and scheduling appointments is the key and right now obviously it is off season because it is summer and it is hot but it doesn’t change anything, the service is still the same, just a little bit busier, there’s more people around. I am going to say from October to April it is busy in the summer months, but in the summer months you come to the hotel, you cool a lot if you swim in the pool, there is a full bar here, there is food on premises, you don’t have to leave so pretty much once you are here you are here.

On Hotel Hacienda

“It is the best kept secret in my mind. I have no worries about it, the rooms are clean, the food is good, security is top notch. I feel so comfortable like I am at my own home, the people are very friendly, you don’t have to worry about anything. The decorations are cute. My wife is with me today. It is her first time down here. She is enjoying it. It is like a little vacation for her because all the work is being done on me.

His overall dental experience

“From my personal experience, I highly recommend it. Come on down, it is worth the trip, you’ll save thousands of dollars. The people are friendly, the food is good and you’ll go home with a nice smile. That’s the best I can say.”

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Los Algodones, a quaint border town teems up with dental tourists from the US and Canada seeking quality yet pocket-friendly smile makeovers. Besides traditional treatments, one can also avail the latest dental procedures in Los Algodones.

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