Louis Reviews Dental Crowns in Los Algodones – Mexico

Watch Louis review dental implants and crowns in Los Algodones – Mexico. A returning patient, he has always had an amazing experience at the dental clinic just about 10 miles from Yuma, Arizona.

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Video Transcription

Can you please tell us your name?

“Louis de Grandis”.

Is this your first time at Algodones Dental Center?

“No. This… I have been here several times now. And each time, it gives me the confidence to come back.”

What dental work did you have?

“Mainly dental implants. And, well, repairs.”

How did you feel during the treatment?

Very comfortable and confident. Sani has the professional talent and technology to handle whatever I needed.”

What about our dentists and staff?

“They were great. They were very well qualified and they just know what to do… Dedicated! That’s the word I would use.”

What do you like the most about your new smile?

“That I can do it with confidence!”

Did you save on dental work in Algodones compared to home?

“Yes, I think I saved a lot of money. That was the purpose of coming over here. They made it a reality where I could really save a lot of money and still get the professional services that are needed without even a doubt or worry about the quality.”

Did you enjoy your stay?

“Yes! It has always been very warm, inviting, friendly and comfortable. Everything that you would want. It is a vacation visit. It is like a vacation coming here. It is just wonderful.”

Did you visit the Mediplaza?

“Oh yeah! Not all the stores. There were certain stores I hadn’t gotten into yet. And we are in a growing pattern here. The restaurant is the first thing I visited and then the pharmacy and that was it. That was it. Mainly those two places. The restaurant is absolutely beautiful.”

Is there anything else you would like to share?

“I’ll be back whenever… I am not looking at further work as a necessity. If there ever is a need, I’d be here. This is the only place I would ever be because I’ll be welcoming friends now. The people who have attended to me have not just become doctors and nurses, whatever assistance you have, that have become actually friends. They all recognize me and treat me warmly. Everybody, everybody treats me the same way.”

Louis is just one of the many happy clients. Check out Judy from California reviewing dental crowns in Algodones. All praises for the staff, Judy recommends dental work in Algodones, especially to people who would like saving thousands of dollars.

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