Judy From California Reviews Dental Crowns in Algodones, Mexico

Watch the video testimonial of Judy from California as she reviews dental crowns in Los Algodones, Mexico.

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What is your name?


Where are you from?

I’m from California.

Where did you hear about us?

I had to get seven crowns done and in California, it would have cost me over $7000, and my girlfriend told me that I could get just as good work done in Mexico and that it would be a lot less expensive.

Are you satisfied with your treatment?

I am very happy, I am very satisfied. It would have taken me weeks to get the work done in California. My dentist takes two weeks to get one crown back and, I have to drive over half an hour to get to her and this is so fast and easy. And, I was very glad that we came.

Were you happy with the staff?

My doctor was very kind, very gentle, and very considerate. I felt like they were family by the end of three days that we have been here. Everyone has been so nice and kind, and they remember us every time we come in. And, I love it here. I will come back.

Did you enjoy in Los Algodones?

We had a good time. We drove our car into the city and parked it underground at our hotel. It was every convenient for us to get up in the morning and walk to our appointments. And, we had appointments every day. Sometimes, they were twice a day. It was very convenient and the restaurants were nearby. The food is very good. We got some birthday presents for people back home and everyone was so friendly and we felt very safe. The convenience of having our car with us was very nice too. I am glad we did it.

Would you recommend us?


Any message for fellow dental tourists?

I would just recommend that if you are a little bit afraid of coming, then you go ahead and come, because it is very safe. It is very welcoming. That is what they do here and they are very… lots of security around to protect you. But, there is nothing… there is nothing to worry about and it felt very, very safe and very welcomed. People were very friendly and you could save thousands of dollars. So, you should come!

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