Steven From US Reviews Dental Crowns & Dental Implants in Algodones, Mexico

Watch this video testimonial on dental crowns & dental implants in Los Algodones, Mexico by Steven Marss, who came from Pennsylvania for his dental procedure

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Video Transcription

“My name is Steven Marss and I come from Honey Brooke, Pennsylvania.”

What was your first impression?

“Well, I was a little hesitant at first but after what I experienced, I was very impressed.”

What type of dental work did you have at Algodones Dental Center?

“Well, I had a number of crowns and I have four implants.”

How was your dental experience?

“Well, I was frightened. I was always frightened of the dentist but it was completely painless and they have done beautiful work.”

What do you like the most about your smile?

“It’s a good smile! No… No longer anything to be ashamed about.”

Did you save on your dental work in Los Algodones compared to your home?

“Oh, probably 50% or more.”

Describe your experience in one word!

“Magnificent! By your performance, your work, you have proven that you are truly are a first class operation and all the doctors were very, very good. I have never had four teeth taken out before at the same time but I have had one and that was much, much worse. Here, I have had no pain whatsoever.”  

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