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Watch Dr. Mikel Ibarreche, an experienced Dental Planning Specialist practicing in one of the prime dental clinics in Los Algodones, Mexico explain the upcoming and most popular trends in dentistry.

Video Transcription

“The latest trend is that the metal is getting… zirconia is coming in very strong, metal is rare right now. We have the structures like the All-in-Four System. The structures before metal were raisin or acrylic; now all that is getting substituted by zirconia because it is more aesthetic or stronger, it withstands more.

Well the latest equipment of course we have the digital x-rays, we have CT scans like this one in which we can see the density of the bones, the correct measurements, the thickness, the length and all that. So this helps us a lot in doing the implants, we can cut with the angles and the length, what kind of implants we are going to use we can determine that …and all that. We also have intra-oral cameras, everything so we can give a correct diagnosis and also the perfect treatment for the patient.”

Many dentists favor Zirconia crowns over others as they are known to vastly improve the appearance of the patient’s teeth. They are translucent in appearance and more durable than other composites, so they give better and long lasting results as compared to other materials.

The patients can opt for the latest Zirconia crowns in Los Algodones that will not only suit their budget but will also give them a long lasting and aesthetic smile.

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