Joyce From Arizona Reviews Dental Crowns in Algodones Near Yuma, AZ

Joyce Carter who travelled all the way from Scottsdale, AZ  reviews getting dental crowns in Los Algodones, Mexico:

Video Transcript

“Joyce Carter. I am from Scottsdale, Arizona.”

Why did you decide to get dental work in Los Algodones?
I did my research and due diligence and the fact that the dental center is a member of the American Dental Association was very impressive to me. It is close-by and I know I can save money with good quality work.

What treatment did you receive at Algodones Dental Center?

Crown work.

What can you say about your dental work?
I think all I have to do is just smile.The work was spectacular. I am very satisfied with my crowns and Dr. Jose Manuel did my work. He is not only experienced in implantology but also in cosmetic dentistry. And I am very happy that he did my work.

Was the staff helpful?

Yes, yes they were very helpful, very kind, always there to assist you.

What was your overall experience at ADC?
Very positive.

Did we meet your expectations?
Yes, yes!”

What can you tell us about your experience in Los Algodones?
I enjoyed being here. You don’t really need to worry about…I feel very safe here. I came down by myself. And everyone is present. I stayed at the Hacienda Hotel and the accommodations are great.

Is it true that you saved up to 70% by coming to ADC?
Oh yes! I think if anyone is going to have dental work done, whether it is in the States or Canada or wherever you are coming from and you so want the same quality, I think you need to take a look here at Algodones Dental Center and save money and get the work done that you are looking for.

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