Brooks From US Reviews Dental Crowns in Los Algodones

Brooks from California is completely thrilled with his dental work in Los Algodones and is really happy with his new smile! Watch him review dental crowns in Los Algodones, Mexico.

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Video Transcription

“My name is Brooks Liggatt. I live in Redding, California, two hours north of Sacramento. I have a friend that had been here few years back and had a complete reconstruction, a female. Very happy with her teeth, she looked beautiful and the amount of money that she saved and recommendations for Sani and the Hacienda hotel.

I had post, I had caps on my teeth. I had just front teeth, upper and lower. I had seven extractions, my teeth were capped and then I had partials – top and bottom.

I am more than happy. People were amazing, friendly, felt like family. Got to know everybody on first name basis, I couldn’t be happier. More than helpful, it almost sounds like I am saying and making this up but, very classy, very polite. It was almost like family. Very soothing, comforting, best experience I’ve had in my life in dental.

I am more so, I am leaving with a full happy smile and it would have been about $33,000 in California. I have been to, years ago, El Paso, I’ve been to Juarez. American people are afraid of Mexico and with the cartel thing, nothing. It was very small town, atmosphere, first name basis for vendors, clean. I felt very safe. Safer here than where I live in Northern California.

I like the Hacienda and met people from Canada, all over the world but it was more of a relaxed, compatible, we had food, we shared drinks and food and stories and comfort each other. It was a good experience, little more casual there. Any time we needed going town, which is only few blocks. Shuttle was right there all the time. Very clean, very clean.

With like a great experience as a tourist and to get dental work at the same time and save a small fortune, I suggest you come to here.”

A self-proclaimed “dental mecca” – Los Algodones offers affordable dental treatments including dental implants, dentures and crowns. Individuals can save up to 70% on their dental work by travelling to this Mexican border town.

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