Alaskan Couple Review Dental Bridge & Dental Implants in Los Algodones

In this video Alaska residents Olive and Roger review their dental bridge & dental implants in Los Algodones. This is Roger’s fourth time here and he is very pleased with staff’s professionalism. He is happy with his dental implants in Los Algodones and the excellent dentists here.

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Video Transcription

What can you say about the staff’s professionalism?


“I think they are conscientious and professional, scheduling when you have many people outdoor is a bit of an issue. They actually improved your waiting times by using the time card when you first come in. They put your time in and your schedule time, that wasn’t done the first time I came and it seems to have improved the time you spent time waiting. But, good quality dentist, good quality work, I am happy with my implants. “

How was the communication?


“Emails, no problems with setting up the appointments, had time scheduling the appointments…. and then in the clinic itself there’s always an interpreter there if language barrier happens to be present. But, overall communication is not an issue.”

Any suggestions for improvement


“We have a really good experience so far, you know. Roger’s been here four times, great and I’ve been here 3rd time myself. In spite of the busyness, they always manage to accommodate us. I know there is some, a little bit adjustment of the time. We have a good experience with them. “

How does ADC compare with clinics in the US?


“It’s comparable. Pretty much the same.”


“For the restoration thing we have done in Alaska versus here it’s comparable. I have never had an implant done in Alaska so I can’t take any difference. Overall, it was good.”

How was your border crossing experience?


“First time I crossed border was in …..this is nothing like that. It’s way different. “


“This is more friendly and welcoming. We saw people are in and out and that was good enough for us to decide this is a great place to come. “

Olive and Roger did not face any trouble at the border crossing. Border Crossing at Andrade, California to reach Los Algodones is convenient and our Clinic is located just two blocks from there. Watch Part 1 of Roger and Olive’s Los Algodones visit.

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