Roger & Olive From US Review Dental Implants in Los Algodones, Mexico

The following is a video testimonial of Roger and Olive from Alaska. They share their experience of visiting Algodones Dental Center for their dental implants in Los Algodones.

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Video Transcription


“Hi, my name is Olive Johns and this is my husband Roger and we are from Anchorage, Alaska. My profession I am a medical biller at Cardiology’s in Alaska. My husband is working at Dorafield, Oil Industry and we are great to be here.”

How did you come across Algodones Dental Center?


“I was searching for dental tourism on the internet and I came across Sani Dental. The more I looked into it, the better it looked. I came down and I had some implants but…..year and a half ago and she ended up just having some implants done.”

Why did you choose Los Algodones for dental work?


“Oh! It’s cost prohibited in Alaska. It’s about $5000 per implant for the whole package. If you multiply …..3 or 4 implants pretty soon you’ll be 15-20,000 dollars …..into it. It does not apply down here. It’s much cheaper.”

Why did you choose our dental clinic?


“They had the most information available on the internet as far as the dentist qualifications. It seems to be a larger clinic covered with better established, I guess. They look really impressive, the more I saw and then when I came here and saw it first hand and they are what I thought.”

What procedures did you have?


“I had three implants put in and they had to repair a fourth one that I had done in the Clinic which is a kind of problem but they managed to figure it out and get it fixed. Kind of a three and a half implants.”


“This time, initially I had my bridge done that was six months ago and then there is a little bit of adjustment that needs to be done so we came back at this trip and then I decided to, with a consultation, you know, I decided to have two implants for this trip and yesterday it was unexpected and then I requested for the other side one implant and they managed to squeeze me in and that was perfect. “

The couple is a returning client of Algodones Dental Center, Mexico. They say the staff has been very cooperative and adjusting to their requests. Watch Part 2 to know what Olive and Roger have to say about their dental implants experience in Los Algodones and staff’s hospitality.

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