Billups From US Reviews All on 4 Dental Implants in Los Algodones

Watch Billups Percy from Louisiana share his experience getting all on 4 dental implants in Algodones.

Video Transcription

“This is Billups Percy and I am from Louisiana in the United States.”

Why did you choose us?

I had actually been in the military and suffered some facial damage in a helicopter accident. I did a lot of research particularly online, and even contacted some of the clients who had been here and of the twenty or some people I either emailed with or spoke to directly.

Treatment you received

I actually had pretty much everything you can have done with the exception of the bone graft. I had my original tooth extracted both top and bottom and then I had what I believe they call the four or five on one, which is a titanium plate.

Your experience

Actually my expectations were exceeding, very organized, very professional, and very happy with the work done.

Your experience in Los Algodones

People leave their doors unlocked, people run on the streets. The majority of people in Algodones speak English so there is no language problem. The US dollar is accepted here practically more than Mexican pesos and food here is amazing. So, make sure before you leave to go and try out some of the restaurants and eat in the restaurants. And Hotel Hacienda is excellent.”

Los Algodones is an easily accessible border town close to Yuma, AZ. We provide free pick-up from the Yuma, Arizona airport as well as the border (on select packages).”

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