Alex From California Reviews Dental Work in Los Algodones

The following is a video testimonial of Alex, a returning client from Palm Springs, California. She shares with the viewers her second-time experience with dental work in Los Algodones, Mexico.

Video Transcription

“My name is Alex and I am from the Palms Springs area, California and I am here getting dental work done. The cost mostly, I can’t afford it at home and there’s very good prices down here and it is well known on the internet for dental work down here.

This is my second time visiting here. Yeah I got an exam and I found out the details and schedules and the return appointment. You see I called you guys and you kind of walked me through it step by step and told me to park in the parking lot and once I get across the border you guys are going to send a van to come pick us up and stuff, so it was really easy; it was fun and it was really quick to cross the border in just a couple of minutes and it was very easy especially with the van to come pick us up.

I felt very comfortable with the doctors, they are very friendly and very nice and very knowledgeable and they seem uh… I was very comfortable and it’s very friendly.

It was about two or two and a half hours; it was like a good drive, the freeways were empty. I really like this place, I think it is great dental office and the cost is good and everyone is very friendly and very nice and it is a very clean, nice place to come to.

I probably was treated a little bit faster here than I would have been in the US. I would have to wait longer probably and it would have cost a lot more money so it was a very good experience.”

The video clearly explains the many benefits of getting dental treatments in Los Algodones. One can cut down considerably on the costs and can rest assured about the quality and timeliness of the dental work that they receive.

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