Elizabeth From US Reviews Dental Work in Los Algodones, Mexico

Elizabeth from South Dakota, US reviews getting a sinus lift along with dental crowns in Los Algodones, Mexico.

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Video Transcription

“I am Elizabeth from South Dakota in the United States. I am a home maker. Dental Tourism, we did our research online.”

Is this your first time with dental tourism?

“Yes, first time we’ve done medical tourism.”

Did you have any fears coming to Los Algodones for dental work?

“Well, initially appearance and everything is different from the United States, of course but once we were introduced to the doctors or dentists absolutely no fears or anything at all. They were as professional as or more professional than the United States dentists. Absolutely no fears at all. “

How do you compare Algodones Dental Center with facilities in the US?

“They are all laid out differently of course. It’s as clean or cleaner, depends up on the dentists in the United States. Absolutely no difference to me. “

How was your border crossing experience?

“Oh! We flew in Phoenix, drove to Yuma. Stayed in Yuma and then drove and parked in the parking lot there, walked across the border. It could be cleaner coming across the border on the US side. Wasn’t as used to as much selling of articles, you walk two inches and you are asked if you want to buy something. Little cluttered, reminded me of Las Vegas, quite honestly in the United States.”

Why did you choose Algodones for your dental work?

“Of course, prices. The prices down here just blow a person away. Came down had a sinus lift. I did go back to the United States and had my two dental implants and then came back here and had the crowns put on.”

Why did you have implants in the US and how much did you save?

“Because it was just easier, more convenient because we couldn’t plan a trip down here but otherwise I would have had the implants. My husband had his two implants down here. Yes, he also had procedures here. He had two implants and those two crowns and six other new crowns. I didn’t need any more work.”

Your overall experience

“Well, I didn’t have any expectations so what was delivered was just fine. I understood there would be some way but people were friendly. I was glad someone was able to interpret from Spanish into English for me because I don’t speak English. So, either the doctor or the chair side assistant that can speak some English is nice. Then I can do what they ask me to do. I’ve been very pleased with the whole experience. I would recommend definitely.”

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