Judith From US Reviews Dental Bridge & Dental Crowns in Algodones, Mexico

In this video testimonial, watch Judith Halverson from Minnesota reviewing bridge work & dental crowns in Los Algodones.

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Video Transcription

Can you give us your name and where you come from?

“My name is Judith Halverson. I am from Staples, Minnesota.”

How did you decide to get dental work in Los Algodones?

“A friend recommends Sani and it was way more than I expected. It was great and way better than where I was last year so I really really like Sani Dental.”

What treatment did you receive in Sani Dental Group?

“I received 11 crowns with a bridge.”

What can you say about the dental work you had with Sani Dental group? Are you happy? Are you satisfied?

“Very much so, very much so”

What can you say about your doctor and staff? Were they helpful? Any comments

“I want to make sure I get her again next year. She is great.”

What was your overall experience in Sani Dental group?

“Everything was great. I just can’t even say enough good things.”

Did we meet your expectations?

“Would I recommend other patients? Absolutely”

What can you tell us about your experience here in Los Algodones?

“Oh, I had a good time too. Shopping was great. The hotel was wonderful. Everything is good. I am happy.”

Is there anything you would like to share with us?

“Actually this is what’s really helpful to me. You have walked us through every part of our steps since we have been here for three days. That is really important to me.”

From Clinic to doctors and staff, Judith can’t stop admiring ADC for their professional approach. She is glad that she came to us for her dental work and plans to visit again in future. Watch another happy client, Elizabeth, reviewing crown work in Los Algodones.

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