Louis From Arizona Reviews Dental Work in Los Algodones, Mexico

Louis Storrey, a resident of Arizona shares his experience with dental work in Los Algodones, Mexico.

Video Transcription

My name is Louis Storey and I am Arizona native, born and raised in Arizona and this is my third trip to Algodones to visit the dentists. Actually, I bring my parents down here to visit the dentists. From Casa Grande, Arizona.

How was your border crossing and overall experience in Algodones?

I am happy to do that. We found it very easy, surprisingly easy the first time I came down. The crossing, you have a large parking lot, easily accessible. Crossing the border was no problem whatsoever. I was impressed because everyone that we ran into was smiling and friendly and my parents are elderly; it’s reassuring for people of that age to have a warm welcoming atmosphere right at the beginning and it’s been that way throughout our experience here at the law offices and people that are working here are all very friendly.”

“Fluent English, no problem as far as communication and services – the work they have done on my parent’s has been wonderful. No complaints whatsoever. First class job on my mother’s teeth primarily…  and it’s all been professionally accomplished, done well. No complaints, no trouble afterwards. You know, you have a lot of fears coming into foreign country for this type of service and I would like to reassure everyone that this has been a very good choice for us. No just economically but we find services professional and its high quality as in the United States.”

How much did you save compared to the United States?

“The differences in price are embarrassing frankly with the United States, you know. Probably less than one-third the estimates. They didn’t even start the work in the United States on my mom and hers was one-third as much, a little less than one-third as they had estimated the cost for the same work to have been done in the United States.

“Substantial savings! I mean well worth a trip because you got to take that in consideration. If you have to spend a night, there’s a wonderful hotel you guys offer here in town at a reasonable price. I can just tell everyone that it’s well worth the effort and you are going to save money and you are going to get good work done on your teeth and you are going to feel comfortable and safe and leave happy smiling.”

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