Nina From US Reviews Dental Work in Los Algodones, Mexico

In this video testimonial, Nina can be seen reviewing dental work in Los Algodones, Mexico.

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Video Transcription

Can you please give us your name and where you come from?

“My name is Nina Franco and I come from Naugatuck, Connecticut.”

What can you tell us about your experience here in Los Algodones here in town?

“I love this little town. Again, you hear these stories, “Mexico border town…” I have never felt the least bit nervous or anything. Everyone in town is just nice. You can buy little bargains on the street. Even you don’t have to worry about the border from what I understand they used to say. Border system at Yuma, Arizona so, I have been drinking from the taps, this is my fifth visit.”

“You don’t have to worry about anything. There are no problems with security or safety. There is no gang. It’s just for the tourists. It’s a tourist hound so; there are no safety problems what so ever. You don’t have to worry even if you are walking home leave to the hotel. There is nothing.”

Did you stay in the Hacienda Hotel or Cielito Lindo?

“Yes, I stayed at the Hacienda Hotel. It’s a cute little hotel and what I really like about it is that the hotel is meant for the dental patients. So, some people score across the border to Yuma but if you just had a tooth pulled or you are in middle of the dental work and you are missing something.”

“If you are a new what are going to do? You feel odd in the restaurant if you are missing a tooth. You are swollen or something. But at the Hacienda Hotel, since everyone there is getting the dental work done, you know, if you are a little swollen or bleeding or drooling a little bit, everyone else is so, you don’t worry about it. They even have a special menu called “Soft Menu” so for that night, you are little sore, you don’t have to, they will just fix it for you specials. So, I love the Hacienda.”

Did you have a chance to visit Mini Plaza next door?

“That brand new cute little Plaza, I got a chance to walk through it a little bit and put my head in the shops, it’s nice. Some places to eat. It’s very cute.”

Is there anything you would like to share with us?

“Again, I was the same way, I was a little bit reluctant and “Oh, I go to Mexico but I am not sure about that” but once I have been here, once I got to meet the people, walk around, meet the other American tourists, there are so many snowbirds, if you are not a snowbird but I was always right there, so many snowbirds automatically come down there for the dental work.”

“They come down here for their prescriptions filled which is also 70% cheaper, by the way. Come down here for few other things. Now my dermatologist is here. It’s just a wonderful place and I consider this my mini vacation. We are going to, we are so happy.”

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