Doug From Canada Reviews Crowns & Dental Implants in Los Algodones

In this video testimonial, Doug Smith from Calgary, Canada, reviews his dental crowns & dental implants in Los Algodones.

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Video Transcription

Can you please give us your name and where you come from?

“My name is Doug Smith and I come from Calgary, Canada.”

How did you decide to get dental work in Los Algodones?

“Price! Price and the quality of dental work.”

Why did you choose Sani Dental Group?

“I was referred by a friend of mine that had previously used this office”

What treatment did you receive in Sani Dental Group?

“I had a few visits here now. I’ve got a couple of fillings done. I’ve had some crowns replaced and I had an implant crown done this last trip.”

Have you enjoyed your when you come here, when you visit Los Algodones or clinic?

“The clinic is good, the people are great. The staff is friendly. The town itself is very very quiet in the evening time but visit has been fine.”

What can you say about the dental work that you received in the Sani Dental Group? Are you happy, are you satisfied?

“I am very satisfied. The quality work is as good as Canada and States as well.”

What can you say about your doctor and staff? Were they helpful?

“Very helpful, very friendly! They work very very hard to speak English because I don’t speak Spanish. It was very good. “

What was your overall experience in Sani Dental Group?

“Very, very, very positive experience! Like I said, I am happy, I’ve been back here. This is my fourth time here so obviously very good.”

Did we meet your expectations?

“Absolutely met all expectations!”

What can you tell us about your experience here in town in Los Algodones?

“The town itself after 5 p.m. is very very quiet. …..the daytime is very very busy and lots happening during the day. But, the town itself is fine, it’s safe. No issues here.”

Do you stay in Cielito Lindo Hotel?

“I did, I did and it’s new. The rooms are nice and clean. Very very quiet also…..”

Is it true that you saved upto 70% by coming to Sani Dental Group?

“I saved more than 70% versus the Calgary prices, absolutely.”

Is there anything else that you would like to share with us?

“Just like I said before the staff were good, very friendly, helpful. Food is good here as well. Give it a try.”

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Doug is a returning client of Algodones Dental Center (ADC) and he is all praises for the staff of the Center. Watch another video testimonial of an Alaskan couple reviewing dental implants in Los Algodones, Mexico.

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