Brandi From California Reviews Prettau Plates in Los Algodones

Here’s a video testimonial of Brandi who came all the way from CA for full mouth restoration with Prettau Plates in Los Algodones, Mexico.

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Video Transcription

What is your name and where you come from?

“My name is Brandi and I come from Fresno, California.”

How did you hear about Algodones Dental Center (ADC)?

“I was referred by my stepdad.”

What made you choose Algodones Dental Center?

“We researched and looked online and found Algodones Dental Center was the best choice for us.”

Which dental treatments did you receive here?

“I had extractions and then I had post placements and then I have upper and lower plates.”

Are you satisfied with your experience with us?

“I am very happy. I had Dr. Karen and her assistant and she were beyond exemplary”

Did we meet your expectations?

“Beyond my expectations”

How was your experience with the staff?

“Absolutely positive, they have been helpful all the way through.”

How was your overall experience with us?

“It’s been perfect. Everything that I hoped to achieve has been achieved.”

Is it true that you saved up to 70% by picking ADC?

“Yes, it is!”

Do you believe that ADC is worthy of your recommendation?

“Yes, it is. Everyone that we have come in contact with regarding my dental care has been above all professional and helpful.”

Here’s another Californian reviewing dental implants in Algodones, MX. Just like Brandi, Mr. Baskin is also very pleased with his dental treatment.

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