Prettau® Plate with Dental Implants in Los Algodones – Mexico

You can SAVE nearly 70% on Prettau® Plate Dental Implants and Bridges in Los Algodones, Mexico. Zirconia is a highly biocompatible material used for making implant bridges and other dental restorations. It does not chip and is non-abrasive to the teeth around it. It is a good alternative to all on 4 implants.

How much will it Cost?

Prettau® Zirconia Restorations Cost in Los Algodones* Average Cost in USA
Full Zirconia Denture/Prettau® Plate with Dental Implants Less than $9,200 $22,500**
All on 4 System by Nobel (with Fixed Prettau® Zirconia Plate) Less than $11,000 $28,800***

*As of May 2016; prices may be changed without any prior notification on the website. Fill in the contact-form on the right for the latest information.

**Cost of full mouth Prettau Zirconia bridge
***Average cost of All on 4 implant system in the United States taken from Real Self

Prettau Dental Implant Bridge in Algodones

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about one-quarter of 65 years old Americans and above have lost their teeth and one-third have untreated tooth decay. This is majorly because of poor oral hygiene and expensive dental care in America. Most Americans and Canadians do not have access to affordable dental services and hence they look forward to Los Algodones for their dental needs.

Prettau Implant Bridge in Los Algodones - Mexico-min

Why Algodones for Prettau Plate Implant Bridge?

The border town has following advantages over other American cities:

  • Its close proximity to the US, with Yuma, AZ just 7 miles west, makes it an easy-to-reach destination for Americans
  • Big savings
  • Expert dental surgeons and bilingual staff

There are obvious aesthetic issues with missing teeth, making people self-conscious while speaking and smiling. In addition to aesthetics there are other health problems associated with tooth loss like compromised biting and chewing ability and gum recession.

Zirconia Plate with Dental Implants in Los Algodones is an amalgamation of contemporary dentistry with the latest technology.

Dental Implant Bridge for Full Mouth Restoration

The Prettau® Bridge is a state-of-the-art dental technology and is designed using CAD/CAM fabrication techniques and highly durable zirconia. We offer zirconia implant bridges which are a novel alternative to traditional dentures. If you are tired of falling dentures, Prettau® bridge may suit you. It is a combination of zirconia with yttrium which makes it more stable and also lends a smoother finish to your MegaGen Implants.

Unlike traditional restorative material it does not chip, crack or stain.  It is highly translucent with high bending strength and is an ideal alternative to acrylic or porcelain.

Dental Implants are artificial teeth roots that are surgically placed in the jawbone for better eating and chewing functions and can be used for full mouth or upper & lower jaw tooth replacement. You can have a full Zirconia Bridge permanently attached to your implants for a more natural solution for a missing arch of teeth. With no acrylic or porcelain to chip or wear, the Prettau® Zirconia Implant Bridge is the most esthetic option in dental implant restoration.  See more on full mouth reconstruction in Los Algodones, Mexico here.

Travel Info

Reaching There

  • Los algodones is located 7 miles from Yuma, Arizona and our clinic is just 2 blocks away from the border crossing
  • We offer free pick up from the Yuma airport and the Andrade border (terms and conditions apply; contact us for more details)

Nearest Airports

  • Yuma International Airport (IATA: YUM) is just about 9 miles from Algodones
  • Palm Springs International Airport (IATA: PSP) and San Diego International Airport (IATA: SAN) are other alternative options to reach the Mexican border town

About Algodones Dental Center (ADC)


ADC is an active member of numerous local and international professional organizations including American Dental Association (ADA).

Cutting-edge Technology

  • In-house Dental Lab which ensures quick completion of your treatment
  • Experienced Dental Specialists
  • Latest Equipment and Technology
  • KaVo Everest CAD/CAM technology
  • Latest imaging and diagnostic equipment
  • Water filters
  • Room sterilization systems

Difference between Prettau® and Porcelain

 Prettau®/Zirconia  Porcelain
Prettau Zirconia Dental Restorations Full Porcelain Bridge
It is not vulnerable to chipping and cracking It is fragile and vulnerable to chipping, cracking, and breaking
High bending strength (up to 200% more according to Zirkonzahn) No elasticity
It does not require any metal fuse It has to be fused to metal for high strength
It is mirror-finish polished and so is not abrasive to surrounding teeth A veneer porcelain is ten thousand times more abrasive than a zirconia restoration

Who can opt for Zirconia Implant Bridge?

People who are edentulous or missing multiple teeth make good candidates for Prettau® Zirconia Dental Implant Bridges. These patients should have sufficient jawbone and gum tissue formation in place to hold a dental bridge.

During the consultation process, we at Algodones Dental Center will provide you with detailed information about Dental Implant Bridge and Dentures. Contact us for more information on via our free estimate form.

Benefits of Zirconia Bridge with Implants

  • Zirconia is biocompatible, with low plaque adhesion1
  • Does not cause allergies to the human body
  • Zirconia restorations cause less tooth damage2 than acrylic dental bridges and dentures
  • It does not stain, break, chip and discolor over time
  • Prettau® Bridge Dental Implants use zirconia which is much more durable and longer lasting than plastic restorations
  • According to a study conducted in 2015, the cumulative 5-year survival rate of tooth-supported zirconia-based fixed dental prosthesis (FDPs) is 93.3%3

Zirconium Implants Survival Rate

Why not Dentures?

Although traditional dentures are a common solution for missing teeth, they come with certain disadvantages.

A conventional denture rests directly on top of the gums with no underlying support resulting in bone loss and receding gums. Instead a dental bridge provides a longer-term solution for tooth replacement by attaching tooth roots to the jawbone. They support better chewing and eating functions and also prevent bone loss.

 Dentures  Prettau® Implant Bridges
Prettau Implant Bridge Traditional Dentures
No underlying support Artificial tooth root provide support
Bone loss and receding gums Tooth roots are embedded in the jawbone thus preventing bone loss
Minimal chewing support Maximum chewing support
Slipping and sliding Implant supported dental bridges are slip resistant

The Process

  • The implants that are to secure the bridge are carefully embedded in your jawbone.
  • Once osseointegration takes place, the implants fuse with your jaw bone. For your routine comfort, you will be provided with a temporary plastic bridge.
  • In the meantime, a custom CAD/CAM Implant Bridge will be designed to your precise needs in our on-site Dental Lab in Los Algodones. It is tailored out of a solid mass of zirconia, the strongest and most durable dental material available.
  • The Prettau® Bridge is fine-tuned for last minute changes and then placed in your mouth.


What are the survival rates?

They have a survival rate of more than 95%.1

Will I be comfortable wearing one?

Zirconia does not irritate gums and other tissues.

Do they come in standard size?

Yes, they can be customized to fit your needs. We can fabricate custom bridges in our dental lab by taking moulds and impressions.

Can they fit if I have dental implants?

Yes, they can.

How will they improve my quality of life?

If you already have dentures (full or partial) you must be well aware of the problems that come along with them. Slippage and a wobbly structure in your mouth can make you uncomfortable and sometimes a simple task of smiling can become quite awkward. Prettau® Implant bridges can eliminate this problem and help you have a natural smile.

Care of Prettau Implant Bridge

Caring for Zirconia Implant Bridge

Thorough oral hygiene is crucial to avert diseases around the implants. With proper home care and regular professional maintenance, you can make sure your new teeth last long. Following should be incorporated for better implant maintenance:

  • Interdental brushes clean the sides of the implants properly. These brushes are available in varied sizes for ease of use. Most interdental brushes have a plastic coated wire for safe use when using around implants. Plaque around implants and bridges can be safely cleaned with them.
  • You should use special implant brushes which provide access to tough to reach areas. They have a narrow brush head and a thin neck for cleaning close to implants.
  • You will also find implant floss which is specially designed to clean the implants and bridges. Bacteria often reside in the area between your teeth and not flossing regularly can lead to plaque build-up, cavities and finally tooth decay. The American Dental Association (ADA) says “brushing alone does not remove plaque; flossing helps prevent gum disease and cavities.”
  • Brush with a fluoride toothpastetwice daily.
  • Avoid chewing hard and sticky foods.
  • Do not smoke and avoid alcohol as it can stain your teeth.

Many of our dental experts have undergone dentistry courses at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and other prestigious institutions around the world. Their knowledge is at par with dentists practicing in the USA. You can be assured you are in safe hands from the beginning of the treatment to the last follow-up.

Contact us for more information on Prettau® Plate Zirconia ZirconZahn Restorations through the quote-form on the right.


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