Clif From Arizona Reviews All on 4 Dental Implants in Algodones

Here is the video testimonial of Clif Olson from Phoenix, AZ reviewing all on 4 dental implants in Los Algodones, Mexico.

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Video Transcription

My name is Clif Olson and I am from Phoenix, Arizona. 

Why did you choose Algodones for dental work?

Well, I have been on the Internet. I knew that I needed a lot of work done. And I did some research, talked to a few people, and they had talked about the clinic, and so I decided to give it at least a check out, and it was worth it.

What treatment did you receive?

I have a full new mouth of teeth both top and bottom. I had All-on-4 and could not be happier. 

Are you satisfied with your dental work?

Absolutely! It has turned out to be an experience and if you are a patient and work through it…the staff here is fabulous. They kept me informed over what is going on and I feel very, very comfortable.

How were the doctors and staff? 

Dr. Karen is going to get a lot of referrals. She was fabulous. Everyone here just kept me informed about what was going on. 

How was your overall experience?

I don’t know. Fantastic! The best! I honestly did not know what to expect. But if you are having dental work, and you are not looking forward to it, this has been a very positive experience. I recommend it to anyone else that is considering it. 

How was your experience in Los Algodones?

I had a good time. I have been back and forth across the border a few times and stayed at the Hacienda Hotel and that was a pleasant experience…the restaurants, and the people have been very friendly. I have just enjoyed the whole experience. If you ever need a dental work, you better check this one out.  

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