How To Pay for Dental Work in Los Algodones, Mexico?

We have multiple payment options available for dental services in Los Algodones, Mexico.

See below for any restrictions and additional charges. We’re committed to giving you a satisfying experience.

Payment Methods

1. Cash

You can pay for your dental work in Mexico, Los Algodones, with cash.

No need to worry about exchanging your currency as we accept all transactions in US dollars.

2. Credit/Debit Cards

While not all dentists in Mexico accept credit cards, Algodones Dental Center does accept them.

We accept Visa and MasterCard.

Please be aware that a 4% transaction fee will be applied when using this method.

3. Checks

You can also pay for your dental work in Los Algodones through:

  • Personal checks
  • Traveler’s checks
  • Cashier’s checks

Note that no additional fee will be charged if you choose this method.

4. Dental Financing

We have financing options available to help you conveniently manage the expenses of your dental work in Los Algodones.

Avail dental financing with our affiliate partner SuperMoney.

5. Zelle

You can pay for your dental work in Mexico through Zelle, which is a digital payment service.

Send money to:

Follow the instructions below to make use of this payment method:

  • Log in to your online banking account on your phone or computer and set up Zelle if you haven’t before
  • Alternatively, download the Zelle app and log in to your online banking account
  • Send the required amount to ADC using our email:
  • Create a contact if you are prompted to do so before completing the payment
  • It may take 3-5 business days for your payment to be processed and for you to get your payment receipt

Note that not all banks offer Zelle, so you may need to contact your bank if you don’t see the option.

No additional fee is charged for this payment option.

6. Wire Transfer

You can also choose to pay through wire transfer with an additional fee starting at $25.

To know more about any of these payment methods, contact us now.

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