Dr. Mikel Ibarreche – Dental Surgeon – Los Algodones – Mexico

Watch Dr. Mikel Ibarreche, a Dental Planning Specialist in Los Algodones, Mexico introduce himself and also talk about different dental procedures that are available.


Video Transcription

“I am Dr. Mikel Ibarreche, everybody calls me Dr. Mike and I am from Mexicali city; that is like 40 minutes away from here. I am the one that specializes in diagnostics and treatment plans. When the patient comes in, I am the first one to check on them, tell them what they need, the patient chooses what he is going to have done and I supervise… the work gets done…. Several options, it can go from removable to something fixed, implants and all that.

Of course cost wise they differ and I explain the cons and disadvantages and advantages of each treatment, so the patient with that information can make the right decision. The treatment plans that we design here they are to keep the patients safe for one year or at least two years.

We understand that the patients or majority of the patients are not local, it’s not around the corner, it’s not that if something goes wrong, they can come back here and so we have to make sure that even the little failures that we know are going to happen, we have to give them a treatment plan for that also. So when we see them again, most likely it is going to be next year and so is what makes us perfectly safe.

Canada, the US, some from around here, Russia and we have Australians, but mainly it’s Canada and all the US… oh yes, in here we have a lot of ways to calm the patient; we offer sedation, that means that the patient is not put to sleep but he simply can go with the treatment, cooperate with the doctor.

 Also in here we attend to the doubts of the patients, all the questions…  that’s why they come in this room first. All the questions are answered in here no matter how many they are, and during treatment if another question comes out like this and that; we are there to help them out.

Implants, complete mouth rehabilitation or the entire mouthful of crowns, also if they have lost everything, the extraction, the all-on-four system, zirconia bridges; we practically give them back their smile and function.”

The dental procedures being provided by Dr. Mikel Ibarreche in Los Algodones, Mexico are sorted after by patients from Canada, US, Russia and Australia. They can choose from procedures like the all-on-four system, crowns or even complete mouth rehabilitation; all at a fraction of the cost that they would otherwise pay in their home countries.

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