Felipe From Arizona Reviews Dental Work in Algodones, Mexico

Watch Felipe from Phoenix, Arizona, reviewing dental work in Los Algodones, Mexico.

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Video Transcription

“Felipe Jackson from Phoenix, Arizona”

Why did you choose Los Algodones?

“I guess research on the internet and found that the dental service here was highly regarded so decided to check it out. ……”

What treatment did you get?

“Oh! My goodness! I have gotten, I got all kind of stuff done. A lot of work done! A lot of work! Fillings, root canals and also some partial things or something like that. A lot of work! ”

Are you satisfied with your dental work?

“Very satisfied, I would recommend it. Absolutely, will recommend this treatment! ”

How were the doctor and staff?

“Doctors and staff were…… it was just a pleasant experience overall.”

How was your overall experience at the clinic?

“Professional, very thoughtful, attentive and it was a good experience.”

Did we meet your expectations?

“No, exceeded my expectations! It was really good.”

What was it like being in Los Algodones?

“Did not do much, spent a lot of time in the city itself but It was very pleasant. Went to some restaurants and it was good. It was a good experience and …….  I’ve had dental need and wanted good, safe, professional work done. I would strongly recommend Sani.”

Los Algodones is a border town near Yuma, Arizona and our center is just two blocks away from the Andrade Border Crossing. Our Los Algodones based dental facility is part of one of the largest dental group in Mexico which has its own dental lab.

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