Russian Reviews Dental Work in Algodones

In this video Elena, originally from Russia, who travelled all the way from Scottsdale, Arizona, reviews dental work in Los Algodones, MX.



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Video Transcription

“My name is Elena and I come from Russia. Actually I drove from Scottsdale, Arizona with my dad to do his teeth here at the clinic.”

What procedure did you come here for?

“Actually I personally never done my teeth here but I brought here my dad, my mom, my sister and many of my friends. They have been really really happy with the clinic, with the service, with their teeth, with doctors. It was pretty amazing experience.”

Were you skeptical about coming to Los Algodones?

“No, we have heard only good things about this clinic and we just drove into Mexico and since then we just coming here to draw the dental work. We just feel like in our own country here. Pretty good! Thank you to everyone.”

Did you like it here in Algodones?

“We love the hotel. Really nice! Tony is working in the hotel. He is the main guy over there. He really makes us comfortable at the hotel like I said we are at home and people around are really friendly. We love the bazaar here, the market as you say. Everything is cool. Restaurants are wonderful. If you need some suggestions, call me; ask me, I’ll let you know which restaurants to go to.”

Why Algodones for dental work?

“First of all prices. That’s the biggest thing and once I came over here for the first time I just found out that the services is not any different than we get in Arizona. The prices are much better and the people are much friendlier.”

Los Algodones is a small border town near Yuma, Arizona and famous for its affordable dental care. Watch another Arizona local Louis Storrey reviewing dentistry in Los Algodones, MX here.

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