Dr. Manuel De Santiago – Dental Specialist in Los Algodones – Mexico

Watch the video interview of Dr. Manuel De Santiago, a dental surgeon practicing in Los Algodones with more than two decades of experience. Dr. Santiago is an internationally-trained dental specialist who has attended courses in dental implantology, laser dentistry, occlusion, invisalign, and periodontics in the United States and Canada.

Video Transcription

I am Dr. Manuel De Santiago. I am a surgical dentist. I have been a dentist for the last 26 years and took different courses at different places in the world. A Master in Science at University of Guadalajara, Mexico, it is one of the best universities in Latin America. And then I went to Montreal, Canada for 1 year taking different courses in periodontal and in States implantology, laser, occlusion… different courses in the States.

“In Vegas I took invisalign course, laser, digital photography for dentistry; in Utah, proper Utah occlusal techniques and periodontics. Portland, Oregon – implants, one phase, two phase, surgical; mostly that’s what I took courses in the States for the last 15 years.

“Sure I am the first person that the patients contact in the clinic. Patients they sometimes do some research and they have a question and I am here for answer and for clarifying questions that patients have. Of course always we… the human touch, it is very, very important; looking at my patient, they are humans. I try to treat my patients like my family.

“And no looking in any other like monetary or money; first is the condition, the physical condition of my patient and I work in three fields.  First field; infection control, it is the main thing. Second field is to repair the function. Third field is the aesthetic; how nice it looks. So these are my main fields where I work, first of all it is infection control.

“I have lived in the States for many, many years, I understand how to handle the American and Canadian patients, what they are looking for but the estimate goes more in the same patient. Like a doctor in the States, because I took different courses I know how the dentists in the States are.  I understand the ideology in the States; it is not separate for the doctors in the States . The only thing that is different is the price but it is very, very close to the same technology for the doctors in the States.

“Also the patients come from January to May is the high season from Canada and then the States but mostly from Toronto, from Vancouver, from British Columbia; that’s mostly the patients come from. And the States most from Seattle, from Oregon, Vegas and California. Most popular treatments patients looking for here are all-on-four denture support by implants.

“All-on-four and all-on-six are the most common treatments that the patients are looking for…root canals and crowns. Yes I am here, I have been here for 2 years, very nice place, very peaceful, never see any problems, I live here with my family and I have a baby who is 10 years and we live in very much peace here so it is not a problem in town.”

Dr. Manuel De Santiago works at a leading dental clinic near Yuma, Arizona. The clinic is a member of the American Dental Association (ADA) and is a hub for dental tourists from north of the border seeking quality yet affordable dental work such as dental implants, bridges, crowns and full mouth restoration in Los Algodones.

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